GameSim - 49ers at Seahawks

GameSim - 49ers at Seahawks

"Time will tell whether or not the 2004 edition of the Seahawks is dangerous hurricane or just a disorganized storm, but if I'm the 49ers, I'm battening down the hatches this weekend and hoping just to survive."

It starts out as a mild breeze. Somewhere off of the Gold Coast of Africa, a light wind stirs and begins a long journey west. No one pays it much mind, it’s barely strong enough to fill a sail. A week later, after combining with some other small winds and picking up moisture from the warm ocean currents that it follows, the wind has become a storm. Ships and planes begin to notice the storm, and as it continues westward the storm begins to grow exponentially. Slowly at first, and with seemingly little organization, the winds begin to rotate. By now, the storm begins to show up on radar and in satellite photos, and meteorologists begin to keep a close eye on it. The warm tropical water continues to feed energy into the storm, the winds begin circulate faster, creating an area of calm at the center, free from the winds and clouds and rain that reach out in great spiral arms for almost one hundred miles. By the time our breeze slams into the Caribbean, it is howling maelstrom of destruction, that no one can do anything about, but hunker down and try to just survive.

Time will tell whether or not the 2004 edition of the Seahawks is dangerous hurricane or just a disorganized storm, but if I’m the 49ers, I’m battening down the hatches this weekend and hoping just to survive.

Now onto the sim:

So far our ‘Ultra Scientific Computer Simulation’, aka Madden 2005, is 2-0 in predicting the outcome of Seahawks games this season, and has been almost eerily accurate in divining the margin of victory (coming within 4 points each week).

These results were obtained taking the average numbers from 5 CPU vs. CPU games on Madden 2005 with 6 minute quarters and using rosters from as of Thursday. The Seahawks won each of the five contests by an average of 13 points.

Both Shaun Alexander and Kevan Barlow enjoyed some degree of success running the ball, with Alexander averaging just over 100 yards per game and Barlow clocking in with 72.

Ken Dorsey showed flashes during each of the games, putting together long sustained drives with short passes and play action, but ultimately wound up tossing at least one interception a game, twice ending long drives by finding Ken Hamlin in the end zone instead of his receivers. Ken Lucas continued his shutdown season in cyperspace while Booger Moore and Cedric Woodard applied massive pressure from the middle of the D-line racking up at least one sack a game and a safety during the first matchup.

On offense, Koren Robinson absolutely torched Mike Rumph time and again, with the highlight being a 90 yard touchdown in the third game on third and long. Darrell Jackson was quiet across the boards, but both Jerramy Stevens and Bobby Engram had big games exploiting crossing routes during blitzes.

On the plus side for the ‘Niners, Julian Peterson averaged at least one sack a game, and had a forced fumble and an interception during the fourth contest. Todd Peterson was perfect from the field in each game, twice being the only player on San Francisco to score.

Madden foresees a solid victory for the Seahawks, with only one simulation showing the 49ers still in the game by the start of the fourth quarter.

Average Final Score: Seattle 27, San Francisco 9

Dylan Johnson writes for Seahawks.NET. He’s also well-known as “NJSeahawksFan” on our Fan Forums. Feel free to contact him at Recommended Stories

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