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2005 Free Agent Quarterbacks

2005 Free Agent Quarterbacks

The number one name on the list below will soon be a moot point, as Seattle's returning cap guru Mike Reinfeldt is already talking to Matt Hasselbeck's people about a new deal. Waiting this long to do the deal probably cost the Seahawks a good $10 million they can ill afford with so many players to re-sign (thanks a LOT, Bob Whitsitt!), but Hasselbeck in Seattle is a virtual's just a matter of when.

And given that Drew Brees will likely get the tag in San Diego, what we're left with is a very unexciting list regarding marquee talent at the marquee position. However, there's good veteran depth and some talent bargains here - one simply has to know where to look. 2005 Free-Agent Quarterbacks A listing of the quarterbacks scheduled for NFL free agency in 2005. UFA=Unrestricted... Recommended Stories

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