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Alexander Discusses Two Trips

Alexander Discusses Two Trips

How will Shaun Alexander spend this week? It's a busy one, with alternating tragedy and triumph...before a trip to Green Bay for the Seahawks' regular-season finale, Alexander will travel home to attend his aunt's funeral. Coach Mike Holmgren, QB Seneca Wallace and Alexander himself took time today to discuss varied aspects of Shaun's past, present and future.

HALFBACK SHAUN ALEXANDER (On hearing the MVP chants in the stadium…) “I don’t think too much about it. It is one of those things right now our team is good and usually guys on your team that are playing well get that kind of award.” (On how important the touchdown record is to him…) “The touchdown record to me, I already got it. That’s how it feels like. When they say who has the most... Recommended Stories

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