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Draft Chat Transcript: Tony Pauline

Draft Chat Transcript: Tony Pauline

On April 21, TFY Draft Premiew, and CNN/SI draft expert Tony Pauline answered the questions of the Seahawks.NET faithful in the NETNation Chat Room. Tony provided a wealth of information - everything from who he thinks the Seahawks might pick at #31, to his takes on those players who have visited Seattle, to the sleepers you may see on the second day. This transcript is a must-see for all draft-crazy diehards!

SeaTown81:: non-Seahawk question before we start. - whats the odds Houston actually deals the top pick? SeaTown81:: I’ve read stuff, but not sure if its legit TonyPauline:: Seatown...highly unlikely; no one will want to pay the price SeaTown81:: that’s what i thought TonyPauline:: They are negotiating with both Bush and Williams and want Reggie in the fold before the draft... dfarrar777:: What is... Recommended Stories

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