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Holmgren Press Conference - 5/17/06, Part Two

Holmgren Press Conference - 5/17/06, Part Two

In the conclusion of our transcript of the press conference announcing Mike Holmgren's contract extension, Holmgren and Seahawks president Tim Ruskell talk about their partnership, the team's future, and the window of opportunity that is in the forefront of the team's planning.

5/17/06 Q & A (cont.) (Mike Holmgren, on whether issues like being able to potentially get out of the contract down the road and the GM possibilities with another team were on his mind?…) “I don’t think I’d talk about those two things. The main two items were my fire, how I felt about my competitiveness, my willingness to put in the hours and still battle at this - that was it. Then, honestly, my... Recommended Stories

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