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Behind Enemy Lines: Seahawks/Giants, Pt. 1

Julian Peterson, Seattle's top free agent pickup.

In Part One of this four-part series, Seahawks.NET's Scott Eklund and GiantsInsider's Ken Palmer begin their back-and-forth with five questions from Ken to Scott. Who's still under the national radar in Seattle, how will Deion Branch fit in, and just how good IS Julian Peterson?

Ken Palmer, Are the Seahawks the class of the NFC? Most people still don’t seem to take them seriously. Scott Eklund, Seahawks.NET: Well, to be honest, I have never understood the whole “respect thing” that any team’s fans go through. “Why does so-and-so hate us so much?” or “I hate so-and-so because they dared to disrespect our team in the national press”. Win and it doesn’t... Recommended Stories

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