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Behind Enemy Lines: Seahawks/Chiefs, Vol. 3

Behind Enemy Lines: Seahawks/Chiefs, Vol. 3

In Part Three of our four-part game preview series, Seahawks.NET's Scott Eklund asks's Nick Athan five final questions. Nick gives us the inside take on Dante Hall's regression, the defensive impact of Ty Law and Derrick Johnson, and Kansas City's chances for - and in - the postseason.

Scott Eklund, Seahawks.NET: Dante Hall is still one of the best returners in the league. Is he still as dangerous and explosive as he was a few years ago or have teams been able to hem him in more? Nick Athan, Warpaint Illustrated: He’s struggling, and it’s already cost the Chiefs a game this season. His turnover against the Bengals in week one turned the tide and took all the momentum away from... Recommended Stories

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