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Behind Enemy Lines: Seahawks/Broncos, Pt. 1

Behind Enemy Lines: Seahawks/Broncos, Pt. 1

In Part One of our exclusive four-part Seahawks-Broncos preview, syndicated writer Michael Schon of asks Seahawks.NET Editor-in-Chief Doug Farrar the first five of ten questions. In trying to find out what makes the Seahawks tick, Michael inquires about Matt Hasselbeck's injury status, Shaun Alexander's return, and a battle of two lines.

Michael Schon, Syndicated Columnist, How serious is quarterback Matt Hasselbeck’s finger injury, and will it affect his playing time on Sunday? Doug Farrar, Editor-in-Chief, Seahawks.NET: According to Mike Holmgren, Hasselbeck fractured an area between the index and middle finger knuckles on his left (non-throwing) hand. He is practicing this week with padding on the left hand... Recommended Stories

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