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Behind Enemy Lines: 49ers/Patriots, Part II

Colin Kaepernick (USAT Sports)

NinersDigest's Craig Massei and PatriotsInsider's Jon Scott go Behind Enemy Lines to take an inside look at 49ers/Patriots. Are we still seeing ‘Wow' moments from Randy Moss? Why was the move made to Colin Kaepernick at QB? What's behind SF's rushing success? How will the 49ers stop Tom Brady, and is Brady up there with Joe Montana among the greatest QBs of all-time? These Q&As and more inside.

Jon Scott, publisher, When Randy Moss left New England, many believed his short stays in Tennessee and Minnesota signaled the end of his playing days, especially with him sitting out the 2011 season. How has he been in camp and do you still see those "Moss moments" that make you go ‘Wow'? Craig Massei, publisher, Absolutely. I have followed Moss' Hall of... Recommended Stories

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