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Hasselbeck: The quarterback leads the way

Hasselbeck:  The quarterback leads the way

The quarterback is the leader of the offense and the great ones are considered coaches on the field. The Seahawks are blessed to have one of the best in the league in Matt Hasselbeck, who is entering his eighth training camp, and he shared his thoughts about how the team is coming along, some of the new faces on the team and the things he's focusing on almost a week into training camp.

"There's so much I can improve on," Hasselbeck told the media following the team's morning session. "If you look at a typical game, there is always plays that you can be better at and sometimes it's something small that you may think doesn't really affect your game. Just a little thing like where your pitch hits the running back every time, its just one less thing you have to worry about if... Recommended Stories

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