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Behind Enemy Lines - Seahawks/49ers, Pt. 4

D.J. Hackett: Seattle's secret weapon.

In the conclusion of our exclusive four-part game preview, Seahawks.NET's Doug Farrar and's Craig Massei finish their back-and-forth interaction with five final questions from Craig to Doug. Who's on the field at receiver for the Seahawks, how much does the 12th Man factor into the team's Seattle success, and what are the chances for a return to the Super Bowl?

Craig Massei, Editor-in-Chief, It doesn't appear the Seahawks are a better team than they were last season, but are they a better team now than in September when they started 3-0? Are they a better team now than when they played San Francisco a month ago? What makes them better/worse at this time than earlier in the season? Doug Farrar, Editor-in-Chief, Seahawks.NET: They’re... Recommended Stories